The CD A Week Project: #6

REVO | CD-R | 2011 | PM006

Various: REVO Premaster 6 CD-R [2011]

  1. Eddie Maelov + Sunshine Patteson: Lines
  2. Eddie Maelov + Sunshine Patteson: The Last Bouquet
  3. Eddie Maelov + Sunshine Patteson: Another Teardrop
  4. Eddie Maelov + Sunshine Patteson: At The Cabaret
  5. Bananarama: He’s Got Tact
  6. Martha Ladly: Finlandia
  7. Martha Ladly: Tasmania
  8. Six Sed Red: Shake It Right [remix]
  9. Six Sed Red: Bang ‘Em Right
  10. The B-52s: Rock Lobster 1
  11. The B-52s: 52 Girls 1
  12. Bill Nelson: Flaming Desire [long ver.]
  13. Henry Badowski: My Face
  14. Henry Badowski: Making Love To My Wife
  15. Ultravox: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes [US Extended mix]
  16. Ultravox: One Small Day [US Club Mix]

Human Records | UK | 7" | 1982 | HUM 9

Eddie Maelov + Sunshine Patteson: Lines UK 7″ [1982]

  1. Lines
  2. The Last Bouquet

I first heard of Eddie + Sunshine in the context of Ultravox. They were friendly with the group [I believe dating back to the Foxx era] and were occasionally an opening act for the band. Naturally, when I happened across two of their records, I bought them without hesitation. These records didn’t just grow on trees in The States. I noted with great interest that this single was recorded in Pathway Studios, home to the recording of John Foxx’s “Metamatic” album, and these sides were produced by Gareth Jones, who also engineered Foxx’s solo album. “Lines” is a fantastic synthpop record about communication with E+S’s patented cabaret delivery. The B-side is a great, cold-blooded evisceration of the wedding ritual.

The duo were synth enhanced, but clearly come from a cabaret act background, not necessarily a “rock” background. When I say that “Cabaret” was an influence on these two, I literally mean the movie, as Eddie takes his delivery directly from Joel Grey’s MC in that film. “Cabaret” was a big influence on the UK New Wave scene, as unlikely as it seems today. Scratch any of the Bromley Contingent and they’ll bleed Fosse’s film. By the time of the New Romantics, well, it’s safe to say that as an influence, “Cabaret” is right up there with Bowie and Roxy Music. Word.

Human Records | UK | 1981 | HUM13

Eddie Maelov + Sunshine Patteson: Lines UK 7″ [1981]

  1. Another Teardrop
  2. At The Cabaret

This single doesn’t quite scale the heights of “Lines” but it’s still fun. “Another Teardrop” is a tongue-in-cheek breakup song not a million miles away from “The Ballad Of Immoral Earnings,” by Brecht + Weill. Perhaps, not quite so down and dirty. “At The Cabaret” is a throwaway, robosynth B-side about just that topic.

London Records | JPN | 7" | 1982 | SO7P 1025

Bananarama: He’s Got Tact JPN 7″ [1982]

  1. He’s Got Tact
  2. Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares

I had no idea this song existed until I ran across this record, just pre-internet. I was shopping in a store in Deland, Florida that was stuffed with amazing treasures such as this single, but alas, subsequent trips revealed that the amazing stock was a build-up of many years, and the once I hit it, that was it for me. Apparently, the genesis of this record is that Bananarama made a jingle for Honda “Tact” brand motor scooters in Japan that was given the full blown song treatment in that market. It clearly fits on the wonderful first album, where the group had a surfeit of charm to coast on. The recent remaster, in fact, includes this track. The dude on the cover reading “No Mag [!]” is none other than Peter Fonda, who appeared in the TV ad that featured their jingle. The B-side is originally from their “Really Sayin’ Something” UK single.

Disdisc Records | UK | 7" | 1981 | DIN 32

Martha Ladly: Finlandia UK 7″ [1981]

  1. Finlandia
  2. Tasmania

This was the debut single from Martha Ladly; made after leaving Martha + The Muffins. This was still released on Dindisc, like the Muffins’ records, and sported a killer Peter Saville sleeve since the two were an item in that period. The release sounds a lot more like the more complex Muffins’ records than the chipper synthpop of her second single, “Light Years From Love.” The B-side has a Eno/Talking Heads feel for sure. This was one tough record to find, but I finally bought a copy courtesy of a good friend who was thinning out his overstuffed racks.

Sire Records | UK | 12" | 1984 | SIR 4059T

Six Sed Red: Shake It Right UK 12″ [1984]

  1. Shake It Right [remix]
  2. Bang ‘Em Right

I previously wrote about this record here.

DB Records | US | 7" | 1978 | DB-52

B-52s: Rock Lobster US 7″ [1978]

  1. Rock Lobster 1
  2. 52 Girls 1

I previously wrote about this record here.

Phonogram | UK | 12" | 1982 | Will 512

Bill Nelson: Flaming Desire UK 12″ [1982]

  1. Flaming Desire [long ver.]
  2. The Passion
  3. The Burning Question

Just the A-side is included here since the B-sides have long made the leap to CD, leaving “Flaming Desire [long version],” sadly adrift. The track, which features incredible riffage of the synth and guitar variety, remains cruelly missing from the digital domain. This is now redressed in my household. This cut, really signaled that Bill Nelson had returned to guitar after several years of self-exile in the Post-Punk period. His desire to “escape from his own clichés,” as he put it, saw him abandon guitars for synthesizers almost exclusively in the ’78-81 period. Nelson moved far away from the guitar rock that made his name in Be Bop Deluxe, but this track sees him integrating the approach to devastating effect.

I.R.S. Records | US | 7" | 1980 | IR 9013

Henry Badowski: My Face US 7″ [1980]

  1. My Face
  2. Making Love With My Wife

This was the American single from Badowski’s single solo album, “Life’s A Grand.” Henry was in the Deptford band Alternative TV before striking out on his own. I remember hearing this single on WFSU-FM’s Friday Night “New Wave” programming back in 1980, when I could receive the signal 90 miles away in Orlando if I held the antenna just so on my stereo. I also think that I might have seen the video for this on “Rockworld.” “Rockworld” was a syndi 60 minutes a week of them newfangled “rock videos” and since mostly British acts were making them, they had no choice but to play them! The irony that the program was hosted by two of Orlando’s most conservative “FM-Rock” DJs was not lost on me. The A-side is a splendid tune that these days, reminds me a lot of Robyn Hitchcock with perhaps a Gary Numan chaser. He favors Numan vocally to an extent, but it’s impossible to imagine Numan this blissful sounding. The B-side was an earlier A-side on the UK and non-LP. For the record, he’s in favor of the subject matter!

Chrysalis | US | 12" | 1984 | 4V9 42783

Ultravox: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes US 12″ [1984]

  1. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes [US ext. mix]
  2. One Small Day [US Club Mix]

Sadly, the primary reason why Ultravox signed with Chrysalis Records was because the UK label had a US division, and they fancied cracking the US market. Well, we all know how that turned out, eh? Turns out that Chrysalis US was too busy turning Huey Lewis into a rock god to bother with poor old Ultravox. The one attempt their US label made to market them here commercially is this solitary US commercial 12″ single from the band released on these shores. As usual for the time period, this disc sports unique, US-only mixes by Steve Thompson on the A-side and Francois Kevorkian on the B-side. As can be imagined, these club gods have a better grasp of dynamics than the group did, [they self-produced these cuts and one imagines, mixed the UK 12″ers] making these mixes somewhat better than their UK counterparts. The A-side benefits the most since the UK 12″ for “Dancing” is a way overlong 10:00 mix over there.

There needs to one day be a website that tracks a database of stray, foreign remixes for UK acts like these tracks. They always fall through the cracks in re-issue programs since the local labels that release them over here probably retain the rights to the tracks, to say nothing of the masters. If the band wanted these tracks out on CD, they would no doubt have to go through the burning hoops of licensing the masters [should they be located] from Chrysalis US at considerable cost. Then again, they would have to be aware of these tracks to do that. One shouldn’t be surprised at what one’s foreign label gets up to when one might not be paying attention. For all I know, Ultravox might not even be cognizant of this record.

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2 Responses to The CD A Week Project: #6

  1. ronkanefiles says:

    A very good volume in this series. Too bad the cute Martha couldn’t sing as well as the “other” Martha. I obtained several Henry Badowski UK 45’s in my “A&M Motherlode” that you previously benefited from (Philip Jap 45’s).


    • postpunkmonk says:

      ronkanefiles – I need to get that Badowski album. How many times did I almost buy it back then? That magic $5.98 sticker meant a lot to me and Henry sounded pretty good to me.


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