Remastering: Heaven 17 – Civil Defence Box

Back in November, I posted on the notion of remastering my boxed set I’d made in 2007 of Heaven 17 rarities. I’ve since done the deed. What was once five discs and a DVD has definitely become 6 CDs, sans video. As shown below, the material making its REVO debut is in red.

REVO | 6xCD | 2011 | REVO 039A

Heaven 17: Civil Defence Box 6xCD

Disc 1

  1. Fascist Groove Thang + B.E.F. Ident #1
  2. Decline Of The West
  3. I’m Your Money
  4. Are Everything
  5. Groove Thang
  6. I’m Your Money [specially fortified dance mix] + B.E.F. Ident #2
  7. Are Everything [specially fortified dance mix]
  8. Play [7” ver.]
  9. Penthouse + Pavement [7” ver.]
  10. Play To Win [12” ver.]
  11. Penthouse + Pavement [7“ inst.]
  12. Play [12” ver.]
  13. Penthouse + Pavement [12” ver.]
  14. At The Height Of The Fighting [He-La-Hu]
  15. Penthouse + Pavement [12” inst. ver.]

Disc 2

  1. Honeymoon In New York
  2. He-La-Hu [inst. ver.]
  3. Wichita Lineman
  4. Perfect Day
  5. Let Me Go [12” ver.]
  6. Temptation [12” ext. ver.]
  7. Let Me Go [inst. ver.]
  8. We Live So Fast [7” mix]
  9. Who Will Stop The Rain [ext. ver.]
  10. We Live So Fast [ext. ver.]
  11. Who Will Stop The Rain [dub ver.]
  12. Come Live With Me [12” ext. ver.]
  13. Let’s All Make A Bomb [new ver.]
  14. Song With No Name [new ver.]
  15. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry [parts I + II uninterrupted single ver.]
  16. Chase Runner

Disc 3

  1. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry [ext. dance ver.]
  2. Sunset Now [ext. ver.]
  3. Counterforce
  4. Counterforce II
  5. Sunset Now [12” inst.]
  6. This Is Mine [ext. ver.]
  7. Skin
  8. Mine
  9. …And That’s No Lie [7” ver.]
  10. This Is Mine [filmix]
  11. The Heaven 17 Megamix
  12. This Is Mine [cinemix]
  13. …And That’s No Lie [remixed to enhance dancability]
  14. Contenders [UK dance ver.]

Disc 4

  1. When Your Heart Runs Out of Time [7” ver.]
  2. Excerpts From ‘Diary Of A Contender’
  3. When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time [12” ver.]
  4. Contenders [US 7” ver.]
  5. When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time [drumless]
  6. Penthouse + Pavement [john potoker remix]
  7. Contenders [inst. ver.]
  8. The Foolish Thing To Do [feat. Jimmy Ruffin ver. 1]
  9. Contenders [go-go ver.]
  10. The Foolish Thing To Do [inst. ver.]
  11. Contenders [US Dance ver.]
  12. My Sensitivity [gets in the way]
  13. The Foolish Thing To Do [feat. Jimmy Ruffin ver. 2]
  14. Trouble [at mill mix]
  15. The Ballad Of Go-Go-Brown [ext. ver.]

Disc 5

  1. [Big] Trouble
  2. Slow All Over
  3. The Ballad Of Go-Go Brown [version]
  4. Train Of Love In Motion [mainline mix]
  5. Work
  6. Giving Up
  7. The Last Seven Days
  8. The Foolish Thing To Do [feat. Glenn Gregory]
  9. Designing Heaven [radio mix]
  10. Temptation ‘92 [brothers in rhythm mix]
  11. Designing Heaven [pei mix]
  12. Fascist Groove Thang ’93 [rapino club mix]
  13. Desinging Heaven [starck mix]
  14. Penthouse + Pavement ‘93 [tommy d’s master mix]
  15. Designing Heaven [le corbusier mix]

Disc 6

  1. Designing Heaven [mies van der rohe mix]
  2. We Blame Love [radio mix]
  3. Designing Heaven [rodgers mix]
  4. We Blame Love [7” inst.]
  5. Den Himmel Designen
  6. Theme From Unreal Everything
  7. We Blame Love [ext. ver.]
  8. Holiday
  9. We Blame Love [spacebaby mix]
  10. Sign O’The Times
  11. We Blame Love [matt darey dub mix]
  12. With Or Without You
  13. We Blame Love [ext. inst.]
  14. Temptation [demo ver.]

The biggest hurdle I faced was redesigning the thing! The old cover of a fantasy H17 Sheffield cityscape seemed labored and trite to me. I wanted a simple image that would evoke the larger sense of what the band were communicating. I brainstormed for about six weeks, which is about five weeks and six days longer than it normally takes me to solve a design problem! That I was busy with lots of work in the interim didn’t help. I finally hit upon a geiger counter image as evoking the era and concerns of the music, then the rest fell into place quickly.

Of course, I needed to redesign the booklet as well since there were many changes to the running order. I’m well chuffed with the result. The final package in every way [possibly except for DVD] is a huge trade-up from the original project. What follows is a rundown of all of the changes in the program.

For reasons unknown to me, I inadvertently left off the 12″ version of “Are Everything” from the original. Why, I cannot say, but this is now rectified.  The 7″ of “Penthouse + Pavement” had been previously taken from the soundtrack of the video to avoid surface noise removal. The 50/60 Hz hum was just as bad, in retrospect, and more to the point, the video soundtrack is not the 7″ version! Fortunately, I had a mint 7″ and the track sounds miles better and is accurate to boot! I also included the 7″ instrumental from the B-side of that single as the 1st box lacked this.

The next cut added is the 7″ of “We Live So Fast” that originally backed up “Temptation” in the UK and was a US A-side as shown below. I never listened to my 7″ copy [bought for the sleeve] and thought I’d better check. Sure enough, it’s the 7″ remix as seen on the video. Of course, I mastered the track from the US 12″ of “We Live So Fast” for hotter sound.

Arista | US | 7″| 1983 | AS 1-9027

The elusive “Chase Runner,” from the “Electric Dreams OST finally appears. I confused this cut with the similar sounding “Counterforce II” forever and when a friend pointed the difference out I said at the time, “now I’ll have to remaster this set!” Well, four years later it’s finally happened. Even I’m amazed at this!

One intriguing new track is the 12″ instrumental mix of “Sunset Now.” This was recently unearthed and issued digitally with the 2006 remaster of “How Men Are.” So this cut never hit vinyl back in the day. It’s fascinating to have this material seeing the light of day 23 years later!

A sticking point of the last cut of this project was that the Glenn Gregory/Claudia Brücken duet only appeared in its 12″ version, since I’d never gotten the 7″ of “When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time.” As a Brücken collector I was chagrined that it had come to this after over 20 years so I made a beeline for the disc online and added the 7″ version to this revised program.

I realized that the US “Contenders” 12″ had all of its mixes made by Bruce Forest and so I needed to add the US 7″ remix to the package as well. It’s a very curt 3:00 as opposed to the UK 7″ version that’s practically a 12″ of that length at 4:28. I neglected to add the Glenn Gregory version of “The Foolish Thing To Do” that appeared as a bonus cut on the CD of “Teddybear, Duke + Psycho.” I believe that my thinking at the time was it was an assumption that it was an LP cut. Maybe I hadn’t run across for research purposes yet!

The WEA material from the excellent “Bigger Than America” album period of ’96-’97 is lost to the four winds and hasn’t been anthologized or re-released anywhere yet. It may never be, so I thought it was important to include all of it at my disposal. I’ve since gotten over my squeamishness regarding the modern remixes. Only the Matt Darey dub mix makes me grit my teeth on closer examination; and even that’s there now. This accounts for almost half of the new material appearing in this version of the box.

  • Designing Heaven [radio mix]
  • Designing Heaven [starck mix]
  • Designing Heaven [le corbusier mix]
  • Designing Heaven [mies van der rohe mix]
  • We Blame Love [radio mix]
  • We Blame Love [matt darey’s dub mix]
  • We Blame Love [ext. inst. mix]

Finally, the stellar demo version of “Temptation” was placed at the end because frankly, it sounds more like 2006 [when it was released] than reflective of its 1982 milieu. All that stands between BSOG® [boxed set of god] status and this package are the following cuts:

  1. Designing Heaven [Hysterix Pure Pumpin’ Mix] – German promo 12″ only mix
  2. Designing Heaven [Venturi Mix – Giorgio Moroder’s Vocal 12″] – On UK CD #2
  3. Designing Heaven [Trans European Heaven] – On UK CD #1
  4. Designing Heaven [Pump Up Mix Edit] – German promo CD mix
  5. Designing Heaven [Gregorio’s 12″ Varispeed 130BPM] – German promo 2×12″ mix
  6. Temptation [Brothers In Rhythm Remix Edit]
  7. Temptation [Orchestral Theme From Temptation]
  8. Temptation [7” Backing Track]
  9. Temptation [Brothers In Rhythm Instrumental]
  10. Let Me Go [“Hon, Its Flawless” Mix]
  11. Let Me Go [I Trance Alone Mix]
  12. Let Me Go [Let Me House You]
  13. Temptation [Instrumental]

…Unless you know something that I don’t! If you do, drop The Monk a line in the comment field below.

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