The Sliding Scale of Eurokase: European Technopop From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

This type of  in-depth analysis is better suited as an information graphic.


Sorry to be so behind in posting but we’ve been snowed in here for almost a week and I have tried to only blog when at work on my lunch hour. I’ve been keeping very busy at home and there was not time to finish this until this morning. Yet my stats were high on Tuesday, in spite of not posting for almost a week. I’m chagrined. You deserve better!

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6 Responses to The Sliding Scale of Eurokase: European Technopop From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

    • postpunkmonk says:

      @ronkanefiles – Oopers! I never got any Telex records [hence their exclusion] but I am familiar with them. They would fit between Alphaville and Yello, based on what I’d heard. The cheese? Hmmmm. Wensleydale with chive?


  1. Taffy says:

    Telex had some excellent tunes; i would agree that they could slot btwn Yello and Alphaville. You forgot one briefly big German act – Trio (of “Da Da Da” fame). Those cheap tinkly synths were rather appealing.
    Meanwhile, I quite enjoy pre-“Amadeus” Falco. Are you familiar with “Junge Roemer” or “Auf Der Flucht?” Much better than velveeta, I must argue. And while I’m being argumentative (I kid, I kid), it seems almost cruel to even bother ranking Taco, he of the one ersatz electro-swing hit. I guess I have an iron-clad stomach, cuz I can tolerate “Puttin’ on the Ritz” just fine. For me, it’s just another example of the wild diversity the American top 40 supported in the early ’80’s.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      @Taffy – You certainly put an admirable spin on your Taco tolerance, but I think of Taco in the same opportunistic light as all of those late 70s disco/swing cover versions from hell. Remember when the new disco style was so intrepid and exciting that opportunistic bastards hit the charts with discofied covers of ye olde swing tunes [“Tangerine” et. al.] to milk this new “hip” trend; ironically signifying the death of its hipness at the very point of their involvement? Five’ll get you ten on payday that Taco released a rave album of swing covers at one point!

      Uh, no. His career didn’t last that long. You win.


  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Jim-san –

    Telex between Alphaville and Yello – above Alphaville and below Yello? I don’t know the name of the Dutch cheese, but…if I were to order it in Amsterdam, I would merely ask for Oude Kaas (i.e. old cheese)…tasty stuff on a sandwich! Plenty of salt & pepper, too.

    Belgian cheese…or chalk?



    • postpunkmonk says:

      @ronkanefiles – Yeah, Telex in the #3 spot [if I ever edit the graphic…]. When writing this I realized that ideally, I should have a cheese from the country of the artist, but Taco was so deserving of Cheese Whiz [which is no longer called that, apparently]… Is the Oude Kaas simply aged gouda? One of our favorite snacking cheeses! Costly, but oh so pungent and sharp.


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