Still More Associates needed…

The good news is that I now have the “Return To Love” 7″ as released by Gilbert Blecken’s Destination Pop label. The 7″ has on its A-side, a six minute alternate, uptempo version of what’s instead a lush ballad on the sadly OOP “Eurocentric” CD of 2001. I also have the rare V2 Records Promo CD of “Party Fears Two” with the unique edit of the A-side and the only release of the “Love Hangover” extended version on CD. The bad news is that I keep forgetting that there are still more releases that I need to craft my Associates BSOG. To wit:

EMI Virgin | UK | 2008 | CD | 50999 2 13091 2 0

This CD has the sumptuous seven plus minute dub version of Billy & B.E.F.’s stunning, definitive cover of Bowie’s “The Secret Life Of Arabia,” that originally appeared on the “Methods Of Dance Vol. 2” LP of 1982. I have to stay on top of this, lest I forget anything while compiling this project. It’s a deep one and I could get lost!

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2 Responses to Still More Associates needed…

  1. Vinny Vero says:

    Damn! You have the V2 promo. It’s one of the few things I’m trying to get my grubby hands on. Can’t wait for this BSOG!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Vinny – I won’t try to floss you. I got it on GEMM from Vinyltap. Well under $20 when all was said and done. If not for the excellent Version Crazy website, I’d would have not even known that this had anything of collector’s interest and might have never bothered, though had I run across a copy I surely would have bought it. I’m down with buying any Associates material, even if I don’t think I need it. At least with the BSOG® it will be the next best thing to having my Associates collection. Expect a very thorough PDF file replete with high res-images of niggling detail. It will possibly make my Brücken visual discography pale in comparison. Don’t expect it before 2011, though. I’m just being realistic.


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