Song of the Day: The Stranglers – No More Heroes

Today’s song comes courtesy of my wife, who told me yesterday that she had this song going through her head. Of course, that means that today I have it on endless loop.

This was The Stranglers fourth single from 1977. I first heard The Stranglers when my friend Charles got their amazing “Black & White” album on its US release. I quickly became a fan. I was taken by their truculence, their thick and vicious bass sound (courtesy of J.J. Burnel) and perhaps most of all, by keyboardist Dave Greenfield’s debt of influence to the great Ray Manzarek. Their next single after this was the even better “5 Minutes” sung by bassist Burnel with even greater truculence than the slightly more laid-back Hugh Cornwell provides on this cut. Hugh left the group in 1990 and they’ve never been the same for me. I’ve cast my lot with Hugh’s career and have seen my interest rewarded. Hugh’s got another US tour leg in the fall, and as usual, coming nowhere near the Southeast.

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3 Responses to Song of the Day: The Stranglers – No More Heroes

  1. ronkanefiles says:

    With you 100% on Hugh Cornwell = The Stranglers. I saw his show earlier this year, and he was excellent, I highly recommend his “Hooverdam” album.

    I could never get over how much The first Stranglers album sounded like The Doors. Good stuff!



    • postpunkmonk says:

      Yeah, it definitely has a Doors sound via Greenfield, but the content is a million miles away from that band, thankfully. And unlike The Doors, The Stranglers have a powerhouse bass player for an huge difference.


      • postpunkmonk says:

        I also highly recommend his “Hoover Dam” album and if anyone hits the hotlink on his name in my post, they will be whisked away to his website where it is available to download in its entirety, por nada.


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