Song of the Day: Shock – Angel Face

Here’s a tasty electro-trash number for  Friday afternoon. Shock were a unique proposition for a band. They were a mime troupe who made records in that mad, giddy New Romantic time. You may have seen two members in the Ultravox video for “Passing Strangers.” Their debut single was produced by Richard James Burgess of Landscape along with Visage drummer Rusty Egan, so it’s state of the art electronic thrills, circa 1980.

There exists a 12″ single of this tune, but it sells for $50-$100, so I don’t have a copy yet. I only found out about this in recent years at any rate. But the song itself sounds like a Gary Glitter/Chinnichap number from several years earlier poured through the electro filter and sounding very bracing indeed! And indeed, minimal research reveals it to have been the debut 1974 7″ by The Glitter Band! I first heard it on RCA’s “Blitz” sampler LP in 1981, and went out of my way to find the 7″ single afterward. In 2002, I finally found their other 7″ single, “Dynamo Beat.” But this is such a decadent piece of electro trash that for many years I contemplated editing my own extended mix of it since it’s just always leaves me wanting more. Do they still make records that cost this much yet sound so cheap?

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2 Responses to Song of the Day: Shock – Angel Face

  1. Ron Kane says:

    Jim-san,I have a ton of Glitter Band vinyl:7" GOODBYE MY LOVE BELL UK BELL 1395 1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeveLP HEY! BELL UK BELLS 241 1974 12 TRKS 1st7" LET'S GET TOGETHER AGAIN BELL UK BELL 1383 1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeveLP LISTEN TO THE BAND BELL UK BELLS 259 1975 11 TRKS 3rd; insert7" LOVE IN THE SUN BELL UK BELL 1487 1975 2 TRKS no pic sleeveLP ROCK'N ROLL DUDES BELL UK BELLS 253 1975 12 TRKS 2nd7" TEARS THAT I CRIED, THE BELL UK BELL 1416 1975 2 TRKS no pic sleeveLP PARIS MATCH CBS UK CBS 81717 1976 10 TRKS 4th (as "The G Band")I buy everything I see when it comes to The Glitter Band. The first four original UK vinyl albums, for a start! Their version of Gary Glitter's "Rock On" is amazing!RK


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