Song of the Day: Cristina – What’s A Girl To Do

I had been prepared for the ascent of Cristina’s second album, “Sleep It Off,” by having been familiar with her track on the Ze Christmas Album, “Things Fall Apart,” back in 1981. Her debut album, produced by August “Kid Creole” Darnell was merely more of Ze’s “mutant disco” but when she teamed up with Don Was (his first production credit, methinks) on her sophomore album, she rocketed straight to the top. And this still remains as his finest production, as well.

The slightly re-jigged re-issue cover from 20 years later. Look familiar?

Her deadpan fatalism was never served better than with this stunning song, though! She was the apotheosis of the Deadpan Women® phase of New Wave, with cuttingly droll lyrics like

“I say my three Hail Marys,
I daily paint my face,
My friends decay around me and I view them with distaste!

But really, this track alone should make any receptive listener a raving fan. Sadly, her second album was her last. Thankfully, Ze has both of them back in print at all of the usual locations.

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3 Responses to Song of the Day: Cristina – What’s A Girl To Do

  1. Ron Kane says:

    Ze still can't have "Is That All There Is?" on a proper CD, that I am aware of. It's nice that both Cristina albums have appeared on CD. Not certain about her album being Mr. Was' debut production credit, must put on the thinking cap for that one. Canadian LP cover on the debut is different from the US edition, too.


  2. REVO says:

    Ron:Actually, the whole Lieber-Stoller "Is That All There Is?" farrago was apparently cleared up. They appear to have had no problem with Ms. Monet's new lyrics since the track appears as a bonus track on her reissued debut album on CD under its new title, "Doll In A Box."And you're so right about Don Was. I did some research and found he was a line producer for the Canadian Quality Records label for a full two years before producing "Sleep It Off," still his magnum opus, in my opinion. And I'm a huge Was (Not Was) fan… He made several singles and albums for them by groups you've not heard of. Of course he produced the Sweetpea Atkinson LP (which I need) but I didn't count that as separate from Was (Not Was) canon.


  3. REVO says:

    It looks like the Canadian LP may have had the UK cover (Cristina reclining on silk sheets in fine, lacy underthings). The US cover was a bold, red (completely clothed) graphic look with her sitting at a cafe table. I have the US LP but the UK cover is what has been used for the "Doll In The Box" RM. Though I like Kid Creole a lot, the LP doesn't do much for me. I will get the RM for the bonus tracks, though!


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