Song of the Day: Men Without Hats – Antarctica

This was the first song I ever heard from Men Without Hats, from their 1980 debut 4 track EP, “Folk of the 80s,”  released in the US on Stiff America Records.

It’s a catchy example of the “minimal synth” form, as it’s now called. MWH stood out in a number of ways, particularly since singer Ivan Doroschuk was the only male singer I can name who employed the New Wave Yelp®, which is primarily a vocal technique used by females (Lene Lovich, Dale Bozzio, etc.). Their simple melodies were catchy and to the point, but Ivan’s harsh, bellowing vocals make a whole album tough going. Also, their penchant for having the vocal melodies doubled in the backing tracks instead of using melodic counterpoint, makes for wearisome listening. In retrospect, they are best experienced in short form, a few cuts at a time. And this track should always be among those sampled.

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