Song of the Day: The Associates – White Car In Germany

I mentioned The Associates yesterday and now this won’t let go! I’m in the middle of remastering my Associates vinyl to CD for a BSOG® that has been 20 years in the making. This song was the first Associates track I heard 10 years after the fact when the “Popera” compilation appeared  in 1990 and I finally saw an Associates release that I could buy. I had read the name for years but never heard them. I popped on this track first; with a title like that it had a lot to live up to. And I was completely unprepared for having my sky-high expectations easily surpassed!

It was not just a fantastic song called “White Car In Germany,” it was the best possible song by that title! After hearing this song in 1990 my life’s work was to get every release I could get my hands on by these Scottish wonders! Alas, there would only be one more new album by singer Billy MacKenzie before his untimely death in 1997.

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5 Responses to Song of the Day: The Associates – White Car In Germany

  1. Cedric says:

    Dear Monk,

    Since i got into (the) Associates a few years ago, i came across your blog too many times not to say Hi. It’s always nice to read about other people’s common passion!

    While i’m at it, i have a question: i’m currently trying to locate a bunch of their singles (12” mostly). I know some of them are interesting because of the alt. versions on them.
    About ‘white car in germany’, i couldn’t find any indication of the versions of the A & B sides on this 12”.
    Would you care to share some of your knowledge?

    Greetings from France,



    • postpunkmonk says:

      Cedric – Welcome to the comments! The “White Car In Germany” 12″ A/B sides are identical to the tracks as on the CDs of
      Fourth Drawer Down.” My memory even tells me that they are identical to the “Fourth Drawer Down” LP as well, though Discogs had 4:50 timing for that instead of the 5:30 on the 12″ version, which has the short dub mix added to the end as a coda.


      • Cedric says:

        Thank you for your fast reply!
        I don’t have the CD recent pressings (which seem great for all kind of reasons), but it seemed that for these tracks they were the same on OG LP, older CD pressings & 12”…
        Too bad, since it would be great to uncover some weird versions like they have done on other singles.
        The other 12” i’m haven’t been able to find information was Kitchen person/An Even Whiter Car. By any chance, do you have any insight on this one too?
        Have a nice weekend.


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Cedric – The “Kitchen Person” 12” featured the same mixes on the LP/CD. The 7” version had the edit of the A-side but the same B-side as the LP/CD/12”. The 7” edit of “Kitchen Person” was found on “Popera” and “The Singles” collections. The berserk fury of “Kitchen Person” has long been my favorite Associates song. The juxtaposition of the typewriter return rhythm and Rankine’s jet-engine guitar really takes me places.


          • Cedric says:

            Hi again!
            Sorry for the late reply, it’s a mess in France these days… Thank you again for your answer, that’s really helpful.
            Kitchen Person is indeed an incredible song, you really have to be in the right mood to listen to it. My favorite these days is Australia. I can’t believe they didn’t put it on any LP and, that they’ve decided to put the lesser (IMHO) Voluntary whishes… on a b-side instead. I’m wondering if i’ll get the recednt RSD release just for that reason


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