Song of the Day: Bad Manners – Elizabethan Reggae

It’s time for a new feature at Post-Punk Monk: Song of the Day. What’s sticking in my brainpan today?

Bad Manners cover of “Elizabethan Reggae” from the “Party Party” OST! This album came out in 1982 and features many acts of the day covering old numbers, save for Elvis Costello, who contributed the original title cut. I was never a particular Bad Manners fan, though their brand of wacky ska never really rubbed me the wrong way, either. But as I was listening to this yesterday, it really stuck with me to the point where I put it on repeat this morning while bathing the dog and doing sundry housework. A more cheerful soundtrack you couldn’t find. Maybe I need to hear more Bad Manners? Special note: the video above is a slightly different take to the one on the album below? BSOG® anyone?

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